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Executive Aerospace & Space Advisory Consortium

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Former Vice President Marketing, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America

Gord has been leading regional aircraft marketing at OEMs for over 30 years. From analysis of aircraft capabilities and economics to impact assessment of disruptive innovations, Gord has worked with the world’s foremost airlines, and on some of the most successful aircraft programs in commerical aviation.


Regional aviation is global aviation! Gord has worked with clients in the U.S., Africa, Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Australasia to develop solutions for many off the regions’ unique air transport needs.


With OEM engineering background and years of experience in airline operations and market forecasting, Gord has helped clients pioneer applications of regional aircraft. Having implemented commercial forecasting tools as well as developing an in house demand-allocation model, Gord has helped clients understand individual aircraft performance, comparisons, as well as product market research and business models.

  Gord Preston                                



Airline Operations, Business Models


Commercial Forecasting

Aircraft Performance, Comparisons, Product Market Research

Contact OLI at 253.632.0381 or at to learn how you can engage Gord to achieve your business goals!


Executive Aerospace & Space Advisory Consortium

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