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Executive Aerospace & Space Advisory Consortium

Steve Haro Head Shot.png


Former CMO, Vice President Global Marketing and Strategy, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

Steve is a C-suite executive who over 30 years has led businesses from global Fortune 500 companies to tech startups, to improve operational efficiency, accelerate top-line growth, enhance margins, elevate the customer experience, and more competitively position their brand. Currently, he provides leadership to a disruptive new platform in aviation as a non-executive board director at Global AVX and is an active member of ISTAT, Wings Club, and IATA aviation organizations.


Steve has contributed to various marketing articles and a business book, is an active member of the CMO Council, and a voting member for AMA’s Marketing “Hall of Fame Academy.”


A frequent guest lecturer at the Stanford University Graduate Business School, he has also been the featured speaker at aviation, marketing, and technology conferences. Decades of proven experiences, combined with entrepreneurial thinking and drive, make Steve the ideal executive to transform and accelerate any company towards their long term vision.

  Steve Haro                                


Business Development

Market Strategy, Business Strategy, Product Strategy


Brand Development

Company Purpose, Market Promise, Value Proposition, Research, Cultural Values, Purpose Driven Organization, etc.


360 GTM Development

Pricing, Competitive Positioning, Customer Support, Marketing, Sales, Communications, etc.

Contact OLI at 253.632.0381 or at to learn how you can engage Steve to achieve your business goals!


Executive Aerospace & Space Advisory Consortium

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