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Executive Aerospace & Space Advisory Consortium

They've run the world's leading

aerospace companies. Now, they're here

to help your business excel.

The timing for launching the OLI GLOBAL Executive Aerospace & Space Advisory Consortium cannot be overstated because this industry has been hit especially hard as a result of the global pandemic. The council will bring together decades of tested, real-world, experiences to help the industry navigate through these difficult times and to effectively position themselves to come out even stronger than before.

Steve Haro

Former CMO, VP Global Marketing and Strategy 

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

OLI GLOBAL Executive Aerospace & Space Advisory Consortium is a team of aerospace executives focused on maximizing your business' success. 

The panel is made up of high-ranking executives with experience running the world's most prominent aerospace and space businesses, on the frontlines of new technologies, processes, communications, innovation, engineering, and more.

OLI GLOBAL   brings together an elite team of executives who have been at the forefront of strategy, marketing and branding, research and development, engineering, employee diversity and training, production, maintenance, supplier management, sales and business development, financial efficacy, and more.

OLI GLOBAL is a team of executives who have have had the highest levels of responsibility and clearances at OEMs, manufacturers, Tier 1 and 2 Suppliers, MROs, engineering firms, and airlines. 

They have driven successful programs in commercial and defense aerospace and space, commercial aviation, unmanned aerial systems, supersonic & hypersonic aircraft, and aerospace and space R&D.


  Fariba Alamdari, PhD                 

Former Vice President Marketing Strategy & Vice President Leadership and Learning, Boeing




Leadership and Strategy Setting


Virtual and In-Person Keynotes, Presentations, Panel Facilitations

Authentic Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion



Strategy, Culture Change, Diversity & Inclusion

  Lee K. Levy, II                                

Retired Air Force Major General


Commercial and Defense aerospace acquisition and sustainment issues


Global and domestic supply chains and advanced manufacturing


Risk Management and Strategy development

  Yosuke Takigawa                               

Former Executive, Advisor to the President, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation


Business Development & Sales

Regional Commercial Airplane Sales


Business & Operations

International Aerospace Business Management

International Business Collaboration Management

Japanese Government Relations

Japanese Government Business Approaches

  Steve Haro                                

Former CMO, Vice President Global Marketing and Strategy, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation


Business Development

Market Strategy, Business Strategy, Product Strategy


Brand Development

Company Purpose, Market Promise, Value Proposition, Research, Cultural Values, Purpose Driven Organization, etc.


360 GTM Development

Pricing, Competitive Positioning, Customer Support, Marketing, Sales, Communications, etc.

  Gord Preston                                

Former Vice President Marketing, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America



Airline Operations, Business Models


Commercial Forecasting

Aircraft Performance, Comparisons, Product Market Research

  Jay Maloney                              

Former Vice President Fleet Services, Boeing



Business Strategy, Operational Success, Project Management, Organizational Excellence, Team Dynamics, Scalability, Business Cases


Sales and Business Development

Sales Capture Strategies, Customer Relationships


Virtual and In-Person Keynotes, Presentations, Panel Facilitations

Complex Operational and Business Models, MROs, Airline Operations 

  Kelly Maloney                            

CEO OLI Communications

Former President & CEO, Aerospace Futures Alliance and Washington State Space Coalition



Strategic Communications, Brand Development, Marketing, Social Media Strategies, Media Relations, Government Relations

Virtual and In-Person Keynotes, Presentations, Panel Facilitations

Leveraging your Corporate Brand; Personal Branding; Marketing During a Downturn; How to Discover and Leverage Your Market Differentiators; Building Relationships Out of Thin Air; Custom Presentations Available

  Former Boeing Senior Vice President 




Marketing, Communications, Strategy, Leadership

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